It's late -- do you know where your parents are?

We well remember the ad from the 70s and 80s that asked parents if they knew where their children were at 10 pm. But as kids grow up, start their own families, and begin independent lives, we sometimes miss how the relationship flips between parents and their children.

Most of us don't discover how well or poorly our parents are aging until it's too late to change anything. Do you know where your parents are financially? ...medically? How about their emotional health and spiritual thoughts? As they grow older, how are their relationships changing with others?

These are very important topics to address -- and the sooner, the better.

CPF Texas is currently developing a program to help you address these key issues, tackle the difficult conversations and better prepare you to face the "curve balls" down the road. Stay tuned for more information!

Don't put off discovering where your parents are -- if you do, it just might be too dark to find them!