Shining Star Award

Each year, CPF Texas presents a 'Shining Star' Award to recognize and honor individuals who are excellent at their work, provide a significant contribution to our society at large and also are very humble about their community and volunteer efforts.

Past recipients include:
Ms. Barbara Burton
Dr. Glenn Strauss
Dr. A. Jay Burns

For the first time the 2014 Shining Star Award will recognize two individuals for their outstanding service and contribution made to their communities: Mrs. Susanne Foster and Mr. Robert Pine.

Susanne is a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother, and we think she is the best neighbor any person would want to have. Susanne and husband Jerry learned that their single, female neighbor had suffered a stroke and aneurism. With no local family to assist her, Susanne and Jerry decided to do what a good neighbor should do: show her concern and care for their neighbor in need.

From sitting bedside at the hospital praying over her friend, to asking the right questions of doctors and care-givers, tracking their answers, Susanne went the extra mile. They even plan to open their home to their neighbor when she leaves rehab! An inspiration, a true friend and neighbor -- Susanne has caused us all to pause and take inventory of ourselves. When she was presented the award, she humbly said, "She would have done the same thing for me." For this reason and more Susanne Foster is one of our Shining Star Award Honorees for 2014.

Pictured below is Susanne Foster with Mark Schupbach. We will share about our second recipient, Mr. Robert Pine, in the coming weeks.