Identity Theft Protection

In case you missed our recent "Business for Breakfast: Identity Theft Protection" event, below is a list of tips to help you protect your identity. We hope you will join us on June 9th for our next event, "Business for Breakfast: Healthcare in Retirement." Call us to reserve your spot and bring a friend!

1) Cancel all inactive credit cards.
2) Have a waterproof home safe.
3) Hide boxes of checks -- never have them mailed; pick them up at your bank.
4) Never respond to email or phone requests for any personal data, especially if they ask for your Social Security, Identification, or Account numbers.
5) Don't put outgoing mail in your home flag!
6) Pre-approved credit card offers: shred them -- do not put in your trash.
7) Look for small ($1, $5) charges on your credit card statements -- criminals will use this as a test to see if you are reviewing.
8) Facebook and other online accounts -- you unknowingly share a lot of your personal information.
9) Use online and secure banking, not checks.
10) Call the Police to file a report if you have been compromised.