Feeling Out of Control?

Is it just me, or do you feel like the world is out of control? Or, worse yet, it is under the control of people or institutions that you don't trust? Not a very good feeling, is it?

Most of us like to be in control to at least some degree. Being in control gives us an amount of certainty in our lives and minimizes unwelcome surprises. Most of us aren't control "freaks," but we're definitely more comfortable being able to make most of the decisions in our lives.

Granted, there are many things we can't control at all -- and, that's ok. Things like the weather, traffic, wars, getting older, and other people's decisions all have consequences that affect us to an extent. Too often, we stress out over things we can't control, and unfortunately that can lead to other issues that could have been avoided.

Instead, we should be delighting over the many very important things in our lives that we can control such as how we spend our time and money, with whom we choose to associate, where we live, what we drive, where we worship, what we eat, and especially how we respond to those things we can't control.

So, as you enter 2015 take a few minutes to consider all the things you can control (or even greatly influence) - IF you really want to. Make a list and then write beside each item the ways that you can positively act to get the result you desire.

Here is a starter list of things you CAN control in your life that will enhance your life:

1. What you eat. You know what you should avoid, but only you can control what goes in.
2. How much you eat. Yes, this deserves mention; especially here in Texas. Bigger is not better in this case.
3. How much sleep you get. This is tied to the frequency / severity of illness and longevity.
4. How much TV you watch. Think what you could do with two extra hours every day!
5. The quality of the entertainment choices you make. What are you putting into your mind?
6. How often you exercise. You only get one body, and it's not getting any younger.
7. How much you pray, worship, and read the Bible. The answers to life's questions are in there.
8. How often you hug others. Not a natural hugger (like me)? That's okay...give it a try.
9. Having a life purpose. Why are you here? What are you doing to fulfill your purpose?
10. Your attitude! This might be the key to making all the others work.

2015 has begun! Take advantage of this fresh start -- control what you can and release the rest!