Got Milk?

A number of years ago there was a famous advertising campaign that only contained two words, 'got milk?' The campaign used celebrities to encourage people to drink milk.

It was a simple message but it really communicated a lot. The message was milk is good for you, are you drinking enough and cool people drink it. A simple message cleverly done using a milk mustache!

Let me try a similar approach with you today. The question is 'got confidence?'

We've lost confidence in the federal government, the President, the Congress, Wall Street, big banks, corporations and in the church.

My belief is that confidence comes from competence and unfortunately we doubt the competence of the leadership and institutions that were just mentioned. My main concern however, is that too many have lost confidence in capitalism, in American exceptionalism and even in themselves!

How about you? On a scale of 1 to 10, how high is your confidence? In your abilities, in your career, in your industry, or in your future?

Confidence is closely aligned with trust. If you don't trust someone or something you find it extremely hard to have confidence in them. So, who can you trust?

You know you can trust yourself and your abilities. Who else can you place your trust in? Now is the time to step out in faith and trust those who can help you build on your confidence to improve your business. To have a team working with you to review your plan for what's ahead and to ensure you have the appropriate or suitable plans in place for when your future becomes your present.

At CPF Texas, we know the things that matter most in your life are not solely related to your finances, but moreso, about your family and the goals you have for them. We strive to work hard to earn your trust. In doing so we hope to improve your confidence and not just in our ability to have your best interests at heart, but that you will also gain confidence in the other areas of your life. Truly we want to help you "make the most of what you have."