Are You Tired of Being Fat!

Are you tired of being fat? Or just tired of all the diet commercials on TV? Me, too. We all know there's no magic to losing weight. Doctors have told us for years that when you burn more calories than you take in, you lose weight. We all know that "miracle drugs," really aren't miracles and that there isn't any unique exercise apparatus that's going to do the work for us.

Yep, we know it really all boils down to discipline. We have to stop eating the things that we know are bad for us and start eating things that we know are good for us. This information isn't being kept secret. When asked the secret to good health, renowned physician Dr. Ken Cooper, said that after decades of research, they have been able to boil it down to five words: eat right, eat less, move! It sounds so easy, doesn't it? But we all know that in reality, it's hard. This is why many people choose to work with a fitness coach to help them with the discipline they need.

In many ways, it's the same with our finances. It's easy to get "financially fat." And it's not easy to trim down. You know what to do: spend less than you earn. Isn't that brilliant!? But, it takes more than math to be successful. Similarly, there are countless advertisements for miracle investments or special rates on credit cards etc. that will ease all of your financial fatness. Oh, were it only so. That's why many turn to a financial "coach" to help them become financially fit.

Just like fitness can be simple and yet medicine very complex, basic spending accountability can be simple, but developing and executing a comprehensive financial strategy is very complicated. A seasoned pro can help you pursue the best results. At CPF Texas, we have seasoned pros who not only help our clients work toward becoming financially fit, they help them work towards becoming financially fabulous! Contact us to get acquainted -- let's see if we can help you.